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The Starter Pack
Every tool you need to get started as The Go To Coach! Make the transition from go to girl to go to coach!  The Mindset Shift Masterclass: To shift your mindset from go to girl to go to coach. It all...
$249.00 $27.00
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The Mindset Shift
  BEFORE YOU GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL YOU NEED A SHIFT! It is time for you to go from go to girl to go to coach! It is time for you to master your gift of empowerment and become the...
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Client secured Course
This Course is for For beginner coaches and aspiring coaches. Organically attract clients through your social media and systems. Client secured accelerator provides beginner coaches with the tools needed to organically attract and secure clients. Social Media Marketing Email &...
$297.00 $27.00
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One on One coaching to help you understand the value of your voice + more!


Shop the tools you need to go from go to girl to go to coach! Coaching, courses, and community! Get involved!

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Build with like minded women. Join our faith based sisterhood, The Royal Society. Filled with go to girls just like you!


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Helping the go-to girls find wealth in their wisdom.

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