Client secured Course
This Course is for For beginner coaches and aspiring coaches. Organically attract clients through your social media and systems. Client secured accelerator provides beginner coaches with the tools needed to organically attract and secure clients. Social Media Marketing Email &...
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Confident In The Call
3 Day Confidence Bootcamp The "Confident In Your Call" 3 day bootcamp will help you build supreme confidence in your ability to impact and empower others. For 3 days I will work with you hand in hand to help you debunk...
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Divinity Prayer Journal
Release your prayers, thoughts, and secrets in your Divinity Prayer Journal. A safe space for your prayers and vulnerability.
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Effective Prayer Guide
Learn tips on how to pray effectively to receive the will of God for your life!
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Gifted But Stuck -Freebie
There is a real conflict in being gifted with no direction. Many of us don't know where to start because we are gifted in so many different areas and we attempt to do everything at once and ultimately accomplish nothing....
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Godfidence Bundle
Build your GODfidence! Practical guidance, tools, and assignments to build your confidence in God, Yourself, and your ability to walk in purpose. Godfidence E-book 4 Webinars 5 Empowerment Check Ins  Confidence Building Assignments  This Bundle isn't for everybody! It's for the...
$100.00 $29.99
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Power Hour
An Hour Of Power! This option is best to answer your quick questions, strategy calls, and empowerment sessions. Secure your spot! Please allow 24 hr response.
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Prayer And Purpose Planner
THIS IS THE SUPREME PURPOSE BUNDLE! The Prayer And Purpose Bundle is the ultimate guide for you to build a thriving lifestyle of Prayer and Purpose with unlimited tools and guided support. Whats Included: Royal Society FREE 30 day Trial: Exclusive access...
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Small Group Intensive
Do you have a passion to empower? Are you the go to girl for your friends and your family? Do you see the best in people when they can’t see it in themselves? Do you wish you could just impact...
$2,000.00 $600.00
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The Deep Dive -Coaching For Coaches
  From go to girl to go to coach! The time is now! ARE YOU CALLED TO COACH? Find Purpose in your story and use it for God's glory! Do you have a story that can encourage, empower, or inspire...
$3,000.00 $1,500.00
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The Drive By
  Buy Now Pay Later With Sezzle At Checkout One on One Coaching is for you..   I Need One on One Coaching With Coach Royal I have a question  I need advice I need direction  I feel uninspired I...
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The Farewell Bundle
Some of our favorite products are going away for good as we shift in a new direction! These favs have completely transformed the lives of so many people and now is your LAST chance to grab them ALL for the...
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The Metamorphosis
The Metamorphosis: Birthing Purpose by Shanice Royal The chapters of this book represent the stages of my life in my pursuit to purpose. I believe my life is parallel to the life of a butterfly and God has ministered to...
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The Mindset Shift
  BEFORE YOU GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL YOU NEED A SHIFT! It is time for you to go from go to girl to go to coach! It is time for you to master your gift of empowerment and become the...
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The Starter Pack
Every tool you need to get started as The Go To Coach! Make the transition from go to girl to go to coach!  The Mindset Shift Masterclass: To shift your mindset from go to girl to go to coach. It all...
$249.00 $27.00
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The Worth Series
Know Your Worth & Then Add Tax!  Sis it's time to address the elephant in the room! Your love life! Are you receiving the love you truly deserve or are you settling for the bare minimum? The Fact is we...
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